Strum for Hope Mission Statement

Strum for Hope is an organization under The Defiance Project dedicated to delivering music to people and places where it is needed the most. By generating a community of musicians equipped with the powerful musical resource of the guitar, Strum for Hope aims to teach guitar lessons in a one on one setting to children who are hospitalized- or individuals of any age that would like to utilize music as a source of hope. We exist to provide an escape for those who desperately need an artistic outlet as well as the opportunity to get lost in music. Strum for Hope knows the true importance of this mission for social change through arts, mentorship and community building. Through donations and sponsorships we work to provide guitars for our students to use for practice and musical uplifting until their treatment or hospitalization is over. Music is one of the best therapeutic outlets; to withhold this source of happiness from those who need an extra bit of motivation in tough times is unthinkable. We offer hope to those who need it most- one strum at a time.