Life Machine Choreography Phrase and Rehearsal Notes

Life Machine Choreography Phrase and Rehearsal Notes

Above is the main choreography phrase for the upcoming piece “Life Machine” to be performed with Faultline Theater Company.

Above is the complete Dance A Score, with descriptions below

Movement Score: Dance A

  • enter space and assume a public pedestrian position in “subway” space, group ending in close proximity, bodies existing within subway space but also as subway space
  • touch screen section: dancers do body swiping gestures with isolated parts of the body as if the bodies were in a “touch screen bubble”. Swipes occur only in group stillness/while no one else is moving
  • holding space with stillness, each dancer does 3 personal subconscious ticks x2 but only when no one else is moving
  • slight bouncing/vibrating like on a moving subway, each dancer does 3 personal ticks x1 but bigger
  • bigger subway bouncing –> swaying
  • swaying knocks dancers off their feet to new position, clump of group formation expands outward (x5)
  • shifting facings, popcorn style
  • shifting spots into a clump, popcorn style
  • shifting facings and spots within a clump, popcorn style
  • body vibrations section: vibrating object within different isolated parts of the body (as if a cell phone was ringing in your shoulder or ear or ankle)
  • body vibrations end up in feet and travel up the body slowly, part by part, until the entire body is vibrating
  • while whole body is vibrating, dancers repeat their 3 ticks from the beginning tableau, walking out of the space

Above is the beginnings of Dance B- Bully Dance

The Defiance Project Fall Season Schedule


  1. Sunday Sept. 22 from 7-9
  2. Sunday Sept. 29 from 7-9
  3. Sunday Oct. 6 from 7-9
  4. Garage Photoshoot- Sunday Oct. 13 (SF) 4:30-6:30
  5. Sunday Oct. 20 from 7-9
  6. [Max10 (Santa Cruz) Performance- Thursday Oct. 24]
  7. Sunday Oct. 27 from 7-9
  8. Life Machine Tech rehearsals- Oct. 28-31

Life Machine performances-

  1. Friday Nov. 1
  2. Saturday Nov. 2
  3. Sunday Nov. 3
  4. Friday Nov. 8
  5. Saturday Nov. 9
  6. Sunday Nov. 10

TDPS Salon- sometime around this second weekend in Nov.

Rehearsal: Sunday Nov. 17 from 7-9

Garage Performance (SF)

  1. Friday Nov. 22
  2. Saturday Nov. 23