Life Machine Choreographer's Notes

Life Machine Choreographer’s Notes

The Life Machine, in its various manifestations, is integrated into our existence in more ways than we can imagine. The body is often overlooked as a medium of interaction with technology, and thus it holds many captivating insights into the role our physical form plays in allowing us to experience technology in all of its wonder. Technology changes our senses of self from a physical perspective- whether it is through corrupting media reinforcing social standards of beauty or even simply how we imagine ourselves existing in the world: seated in front of a computer, phone in hand, information literally at our fingertips. It is our very physicality that allow us to engage with technology in the first place before technology able to then change us. Human still conquers machine- what device doesn’t still require a tap, touch, press, or swipe? Once the power of the body translates into power of the electronic, though, our subconscious and conditioned selves are at the mercy of our various machines. It is this sense of mechanization, the relationship between body and device, that allows us to explore the true capacity of the body as device. It is this embodiment of technology that gives us insight into and ownership over the roles machine plays in our lives, and also enables us to use our numerous devices to critique the very part they play in negotiating our identities. Beautifully and tragically enough, it is the mechanization of the body on stage throughout Life Machine that is perhaps most viscerally human.