FaultLine Theater's "The Life Machine" (November 1-10, 2013)

FaultLine Theater’s “The Life Machine” (November 1-10, 2013)

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The Defiance Project, in collaboration with FaultLine Theater, will be putting on an original work called “The Life Machine”.

Life Machine tells the story of young women pushed to the point of murder. Set amid the shifting economic and technological landscape of 21st century America, Cole Ferraiuolo’s radical retelling of this real life murder case presents an immersive media world of sound, movement, projection and performance. Life Machine revitalizes age old questions of gender, power and oppression and asks us all to reconsider what we are truly capable of.

For tickets and more information, visit http://www.faultlinetheater.com/#!machine/c6c1

Check out the promo video as well as the Indie GoGo Campaign!