Eveoke Dance Theater's IMAGES (June 8, 2013)

Eveoke Dance Theater’s IMAGES (June 8, 2013)

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IMAGES, a fundraising event for Eveoke, curated by Araceli Carrera and Jessica Rabanzo-Flores, will showcase amazing artists from various backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines.ENTRANCE FEE:


Eveoke Dance Theatre
The Defiance Project – Sophie Needelman
Nos de Chita – Claudia Lyra
Araceli Carrera and Irene Pulli
Guillermo Castro
Mercedes Forster
Tanya Lewis
Myriam Lucas
Bradley Lundberg and Rayna Stohl
Jessica Rabanzo-Flores
Natasha Ridley
Anthony Rodriguez
Silfredo La O Vigo
Bora Yoon

Spoken Word Poetry…

Ronald Preston Clark
Sherwin Ginez
Viet Mai

Visual Art….(their work will be for sale!)

Dia Bassett
Katie Steward

Our culinary artist for the night will be Rebecca Lopez of True Kitchen Creatives, who will serve gourmet vegan appetizers during intermission and before the show at 7pm.

Our night of beautiful performances will be followed by an open floor dance jam with DJ Golden Love.

Come one, come all and witness an unforgettable night
of astounding artists!